Our History

New Zealand has a well-deserved reputation for being an environmental paradise. Think of New Zealand and images of rolling grassland and crystal clear water spring to mind. New Zealand’s people are world renowned for their pioneering spirit from Lord Ernest Rutherford, the first man to split the atom, to Sir Edmund Hillary the first man to conquer Mount Everest.

All this affects the way pipelines are constructed in New Zealand. With some of the most stringent environmental guidelines enforced anywhere in the world contrasted with an inherent pioneering approach to exploration and construction.

Though small by world standards, the Oil & Gas Industry in New Zealand is one of the oldest with the first oil exploration well spudded in during 1865 on the rocky shore of Moturoa where New Plymouth’s port is located today. The country now has an extensive network of Oil & Gas Pipeline throughout the country.

OPS Ltd’s team has been involved in the construction of an incredibly large number of modern pipelines laid in New Zealand.