From cross county, urban and industrial pipelines to plant & process piping, service packages designed to get a facility or pipeline on-stream as efficiently and safety as possible are tailor made to suit a client’s individual requirements.


Sewer connections
New Plymouth District Council approved contractors for sewer connections in the North Taranaki Region.

  • New sewer connections under building consent
  • Installation of new sewer mains, gravity and rising
  • Sewer connections from existing mains
  • Installation of manholes over existing mains for tie ins over 150mm

Water connections 
New Plymouth District Council approved contractors for water connections in the North Taranaki Region.

  • Standard water connections
  • Connection of new mains to existing
  • Laying of new mains for subdivisions or trunk mains
  • Installation of valves to any size
  • Hot tapping of water mains
  • Backflow prevention Installation and testing

Storm-water Connections
New Plymouth District Council approved contractors for Storm-water connections in the North Taranaki Region.

  • Storm-water upgrades
  • Storm-water property connections
  • Repairs and maintenance

Drainage Solutions
We offer a range of installation options for all your drainage requirements, from large scale industrial and commercial projects to smaller household drainage works and repairs. We work with the client to ensure the job is done efficiently, safely, and with modern technology and equipment to create the best results.  

  • Commercial Drainage
  • Industrial Drainage
  • Inspection and diagnostics
  • Soak hole preparation and installation
  • Surface Drainage/overland flow paths
  • Downpipe installation and repairs


Gas Fitting
Offshore Plumbing Services Ltd have specialist knowledge in gas fitting and have established a great reputation in the design and installation of popular systems on the market. Our certified gas fitters can offer advice and knowledge on all your gas requirements.

  • Design and Installation
  • Heating alternatives
  • Appliance maintenance and repairs
  • Cooking appliances
  • Gas line repairs
  • Gas Certificates

Household Plumbing
We can take care of all your household plumbing needs, from leaks and repairs to full installations. We specialize in residential new builds, renovations and routine maintenance and repairs. Our registered plumbers have you covered. 

  • Heating options
  • Water Saving solutions
  • Water Pressure upgrades
  • Leak repairs
  • Kitchen and bathroom plumbing alterations and repairs
  • Installation of baths, vanities, taps, toilets, shower mixers 
  • Installation of sinks, dishwashers, waste disposal units
  • Hot Water cylinder installations and repairs
  • Leaks and burst water mains
  • Registered backflow prevention installation and testing
  • Hot water system conversions

Commercial & industrial plumbing  
Offshore Plumbing Services Ltd has a team of experienced staff who have worked on a range of commercial and industrial plumbing jobs in New Zealand and overseas. Our team have up to date knowledge on the latest technologies and systems that are used and can provide IQP testing and backflow testing as per the requirements.

  • Industrial heating solutions
  • Installation of kitchen and bathrooms
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Drainage and Storm-water solutions
  • Hot water system conversions

Offshore Plumbing
OPS Plumbing and Pipeline has qualified plumbers who have experience servicing oil rigs and large ships. Our staff have all the qualifications and tickets required for offshore work and can work with companies to provide a competitive quote. We offer all repairs and maintenance as outlined in our plumbing services.


OPS Plumbing and Pipeline have the equipment and experienced operators to prepare your land for development and can offer advice and knowledge in the process. 

Our staff work closely with surveyors to ensure the land is prepared to council requirements. 

  • Rural Developments
  • Urban sub-divisions
  • Commercial developments
  • Compacting
  • Levelling
  • Removal and dumping of soil and clay
  • Drainage (refer to above)
  • Drain laying (refer to above)